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The first trailer has arrived for Craig Boreham’s debut feature, which charts one young man’s dark journey into adulthood. 

“I wanted to explore ideas of sexuality, and how it shapes our identity when we’re young,” writer/director Craig Boreham told FilmInk of his debut feature, Teenage Kicks. “When we’re young, our sexuality can feel like an uncontrollable beast that is volatile and unpredictable. Pushing that idea further, I wanted to play with a character who literally feels like he’s a danger to be around.”

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Teenage Kicks: Inside the new film exploring identity, sexuality and sexual discovery - SX


The first trailer has arrived for Craig Boreham’s debut feature, which charts one young man’s dark journey into adulthood. 

SX's Colin Fraser goes on the set of Teenage Kicks and speaks with director Craig Boreham about his debut feature film which explores identity, sexuality and sexual discovery.

'The scars of youth shape the people we become.'

It's a quote on Craig Boreham's website, one that has come to define the director's work. With a number of short films behind him including the multi-award nominee Drowning, he's now taken to the streets of Sydney's inner west to produce his first feature, Teenage Kicks.

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Interview: Craig Boreham


Cinematographer Bonnie Eliott and director Craig Boreham

Craig took a moment out from editing to speak to Mathew Eeles at Cinema Australia about the Teenage Kicks shoot:

“I’m in the editing suite right now actually.” Australian director Craig Boreham is hard at work on postproduction for his new feature Teenage Kicks, which recently wrapped filming. We were lucky enough to grab 10 minutes with him at such a busy time. He told Cinema Australia, “I really enjoy this part of it. It’s great to see the film finally coming together but we’ve got a long way to go.”

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Production wraps on new Aussie film Teenage Kicks;First stills released


Miles Szanto is Mik Varga in Teenage Kicks

Shooting wraps today on new Australian feature film “Teenage Kicks”; coinciding with the wrap party, the prod co has released some new stills.

On the experience of principal photography, writer/director Craig Boreham says, “The TEENAGE KICKS set has been such a great hub of collaboration that it’s almost sad to see it end. Miles (Szanto) has really thrown his all into bringing Miklós Varga and his world to life, as has the rest of our amazing cast.” He adds, “Working with Bonnie Elliot again, to tell this story, has been fantastic and we have a wonderful collaboration on set. Finishing the shoot is bittersweet, saying goodbye to the cast and the team. But it’s exciting to be moving into the edit period with Adrian Chiarella where we will get to discover our story all over again.”


Charlotte Best (Phaedra) and Dan Webber (Dan) in Teenage Kicks

To coincide with the end of principal photography, first look stills have been released. Featuring principal cast members, lead actor Miles Szanto (The Elephant Princess, Love My Way, Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas), Daniel Webber (The Combination, K9, Sleeping Beauty) and Charlotte Best (Home and Away, Puberty Blues), these first look stills provide an insight into this beautiful and nuanced story.

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New Coming-of-age film for Sapphires Star


Miles Szanto (Mik Varga) and Shari Sebbens (Annuska) in Teenage Kicks

By Gary Maddox, Sydney Morning Herald, Short Cuts: Australian film industry news

After breaking through with The Sapphires, Shari Sebbens' screen roles have included the television series Redfern NowThe Gods of Wheat Street and Warwick Thornton’s film The Darkside. Now she's playing a pregnant teenager whose partner has died in Teenage Kicks, a teenage drama that director Craig Boreham has been filming in Sydney. ''When we meet her, she's just lost her whole world,'' Sebbens says. Described as a sexually charged coming-of-age film, Teenage Kicks centres on Mik (Miles Szanto from Love My Way) as he struggles to deal with family obligations. ''It's about people trying to reach out and connect with each other in the circumstances of grief,'' Sebbens says.

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Principal Photography Kicks off on Craig Boreham’s Teenage Kicks


Miles Szanto as Mik Varga in Teenage Kicks. Photo by Emman Montalvan

Principal photography on new Australian feature film TEENAGE KICKS begins today in and around Sydney. Filming over the next five weeks, Sydney’s Inner West and south-eastern suburbs will provide an impressive backdrop to this nuanced, compelling and evocative coming-of-age drama exploring the minefield of adolescence, burgeoning sexuality and the desire to belong.

Helmed by award winning writer/director Craig Boreham and producer Annmaree J Bell, the film’s talented cast includes Miles Szanto (The Elephant Princess, Love My Way, Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas) in the lead role, Daniel Webber (The Combination, K9, Sleeping Beauty), Charlotte Best (Home and Away,Puberty Blues), Shari Sebbans (The Sapphires, Redfern Now), Ian Roberts (Little Fish, Superman Returns, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities) and Anni Finsterer (The Boys are Back, Sleeping Beauty, Prime Mover, Accidents Happen).

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Drowning wins the Best Screenplay award at Courts des iles


Craig Boreham’s Drowning was award the Prix du meilleur scénario (Best Screenplay Award) at the inaugural “Courts des îles” Film Fstival in Tahiti.

Grand prix Courts des îles (Best Film) Margherita Spampinato from Sicily for Segreti.

Prix de la meilleure réalisation (Best Direction) was jointly awarded to Seth Larney for
The Clearing and Damien Power for Peekaboo. (Australia)

Prix spécial : coup de coeur du jury (Jury Award) Nodlag Houlihan for
Downpour. (Ireland)

Filmink - ‘Teenage Kicks’ Exceeds Crowd Funding Goal


A crowd-funded feature has managed to raise close to $68,000 and is now headed into production.


When FilmInk caught up with writer/director, Craig Boreham, about mid-way through the Pozible campaign for his feature film Teenage Kicks – an ambitious one which aimed to raise $67,000 in 67 days – he admitted he was “trying not to panic”. While it’s definitely been a nerve-wracking past two months for the director and his crew, they can let out a collective sigh of relief as the project has clocked in at just under $68,000 and production will commence soon.

Anyone keeping track of the project will know that the movie originally started its life as a short film funded by Screen Australia. Titled Drowning, the short follows a conflicted teenager named Mik attempting to navigate through his guilt over his brother’s death, as well as his own sexuality. It was always envisioned, however, as a feature film.

“The first draft of Teenage Kicks was a feature film script that I hammered out as a muscle draft quite quickly and then began to rework,” Boreham tells FilmInk. “I adapted a section of the feature script to be a standalone short. The larger script is a much larger tale about a family and the impact of a loss within it. I knew the bigger story had a lot more meat in it and it wasn’t going to spoil it too much to put Drowning out there.”

The fact that the project started life as a short – with the film playing in various international and local film festivals and picking up a handful of awards along the way – ended up working to Boreham’s advantage when he launched the crowd-funding campaign.

“We have always received feedback from people who had seen Drowning at festivals around the world or from the Peccadillo Pictures DVD release in Europe,” Boreham says, “so we knew there were people out there that the film really resonated with. It was great when they began to find out about the feature project and wanted to get involved. It has been really helpful in getting the word out. There were quite a few bloggers and movie fansites that encouraged people to donate. One of the greatest things about doing the crowd-funding thing has really been connecting with those people and having actual contact with an audience before the film is made.”

The feature has already recruited exciting Australian acting talent with Bojana Novakovic and Luke Arnold signing on to the project, but the heart and soul of this film is Miles Szanto, who will be returning to the feature project to play Mik.

“It is incredibly exciting to step back into this world,” Szanto says. “There is so much more to explore with this character and the feature script really allows space for that. In the short, we really only scratch the surface of Mik’s journey. In the larger story we get to see why Mik carries such huge guilt in regard to his brother’s death and his deep need to break out of the mould his family has set for him.”

To keep up to date with the progress of Teenage Kicks, head to the film’s website and follow the project on Facebook. Also pick up the current issue of FilmInk for more coverage on the project. 

Craig Talks Teen Flicks with CJ Johnson on ABC Radio's Movieland

Teenage Kicks Gets a Kickstart from Pozible

INTERVIEWS by Pau Andrew

Teenage Kicks, Craig Boreham's debut feature film starring actor Miles Szantos (pictured) Gets a Kick Start from Pozible.


It’s every filmmaker’s dream, to make the shift from writing and directing fabulous short films like Drowning to making fabulous feature films like Teenage Kicks. Award-winning Australian Filmmaker Craig Boreham is poised at this threshold right now and the only thing stopping him from making the transition is a shortfall of $67,000. The good news is that a distinctive Pozible campaign closing very soon has Craig and his talented team a little closer to realising that shortfall. You can help Craig too. Writer & Director Craig Boreham chats crowdsourcing and feature film stuff with Paul Andrew.


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