A short documentary about actors who have played it gay.

Sydney based filmmaker, Craig Boreham, made a short film called Ostia - La Notte Finale, about the murder of Italian filmmaker Pasolini, and put a trailer of the film on YouTube for the world to see. One of the film’s lead actors, Miles Szanto, who played a young gay rentboy in the film, was suddenly faced with a barrage of hate mail from young fans of his other work on television. Craig decided to speak to other actors who have played gay on screen and discover their experiences.

Featuring - Eka Darville – Spartacus: Blood and Sand (US), James Mason – Neighbours (AUS), Javier Calvo -  Física o Química (SPAIN), Miles Szanto and Tony Poli – OSTIA – La Notte Finale (AUS)

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